Wafers Krember Vechernie ogni

KF KREMBER recently mastered the production of classic waffles and in the shortest time vybilas leaders in production of wafer production. Already all favorite waffles can be purchased in almost all stores.
Airy, crispy, light and extremely tasty. Perfectly with hot drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa and milk)
Product Type:
1. milk with vanilla taste
2. cocoa milk taste
3. flavored cocoa
4. tastefully condensed milk
5. flavored baked milk
6. lemon flavor
7. chocolateflavored
8. with vanilla-flavored milk
9. glaze

Keep – 6 month

Net weight- 3kg

Package – corrugation box

Package size – 415х225×112

Number of biscuits on one pallet-100

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